“Like many Reiki people, I am interested in the historical origins of Reiki healing. Thanks to Usui-sensei’s memorial stone at Saihoji Temple in Tokyo, we know that Reiki Ryoho began in 1922 when Mikao Usui attained enlightenment while he was fasting and meditating on Mt. Kurama in Kyoto, Japan. Since the 1990s, there has been considerable research done to uncover the truth of other aspects of Usui-sensei’s life and the evolution of the Reiki healing art, and this will doubtlessly continue. Recently, however, I began to wonder about the future of Reiki healing – how will it continue to evolve? What is in store for us as Reiki people? In search of these answers, I interviewed seven Reiki Teachers/Masters – James Deacon, Rev. Hyakuten Inamoto, Cerise LaCore, Jessica Miller, Frank Arjava Petter, Kathleen Prasad and Franz Stiene to learn more about their opinions and visions of the future of Reiki healing…”