How To Create A Reiki Manifestation Triangle For Substantiating Your Destiny

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Manifestation has been a hot subject for a very long time. Using your strength, concentration and goals to help make the very best outcome in our lives is not something new. But how does Reiki manifestation fit into this?

Reiki energy bears the essence and vibration of affection. Love is the single most energy that is genuine. Anything else is a false impression. When directing Reiki energy towards a future vision, the vibrant quality of Reiki helps attract circumstances, individuals, and possibilities to us that also possess the same vibration.

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The same way we let go of the outcome when providing a Reiki healing, in manifestation, we must do the exactly same. Possessing and becoming committed to your vision in a desperate, or demanding way implies that you are operating at a higher level fear. Fear is a distinct vibration than love and will generate more conditions where your worries are ignited. This may be a learning chance to remodel yourself as the world continually showcases our primary philosophy.


Creating a Reiki Manifestation Triangle

Here is a step by step procedure on how you can construct a Reiki manifestation triangle that will help you substantiate your destiny

  • Prepare a room and yourself by saying a word of prayer or just using symbols.
  • Draw a triangle on a large sheet of paper. You can also encircle the triangle if you like.
  • Write your name beside the left point of the triangle
  • Write your goal or appropriate intention in a brief sentence on the right end of the triangle. For example, to own and drive my own car or to buy and live in my own house. reiki distance healing symbol
  • Write the outcome of your goal or intention on the top point of the triangle. The results of your goal should be detailed and very specific. The outcome needs to be very specific and detailed. For instance, a three-story house, in London, with four bedrooms, white colored wall to wall floor covering, fine basement, newly decorated in eco-friendly pastel where I spend each evening relaxing with a cup of coffee. You are now getting the idea. Right?
  • Right at the center of the triangle, write – I am now manifesting this or write something that best fits your needs.
  • Review each corner of the triangle every day starting from your name, then to the goals and finally the outcome. You can draw Reiki symbols over it and read it loudly to send energy over the words with as much feelings and focus as you can.
  • End the session by reading the words in the middle of the triangle and just like the beginning, pray, give thanks and let it go.