Introduction to Chakras Meditation

Discovering all about meditation is like opening a gift box that you really don’t know what is inside. When you hear of words such as ‘Chakra” and “third eye” then you might think that meditation isn’t just for you. However, an introduction to guided chakra meditation means you won’t need to know all the aspects of the practice. All you will need to do is to follow simple instructions and you will be on your way to unlocking better health, productivity, sleep, and overall happiness. So what exactly are chakras?chakra balancing

In a simpler way, chakra can be defined as the centers of energy located throughout your body that you may not easily understand.

These centers of energy are responsible for how you interact with the outside world and are linked to your emotions and feelings as well as health. At the introduction level of chakra, it is important that you know about the seven chakras. Here are the seven levels of chakra:

Root Chakra

Root chakra is situated at the tailbone and is responsible for your feelings of being present or comfort. If you frequently feel insecure, nervous, or scared, then the root chakra is the way to go and will quickly put you at peace.

Sacral chakra

Sacral chakra is found just below your belly button and is responsible for your sexual feelings. If at any given point you have doubts about your sexual feelings or perhaps you have problems related to passion and intimacy, then the problem can be pinned down to sacral chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This chakra is located between the rib cages and is responsible for your sense of self confidence, self-esteem, and having control over your life.

Heart Chakra

Heart chakra is located right on the chest and just like the name suggests, it is responsible for feelings of love.  Expressions of compassion, friendliness, social interaction, and openness to other people can be tracked to this chakra.

Throat Chakra

Throat chakra is situated in the throat and carries self-expression and creativity. Artists and other people in the creativity industry have what we call “open” throat chakras

Third Eye Chakra

Third eye chakra is often located at the middle of the forehead and is normally misunderstood. This chakra is responsible for psychic and mystical aspects of life. It also helps with the powers of observation, intelligence, and discernment.

Crown Chakra

This chakra is located on top of the head and is responsible for the sense of belonging to the world as well as being one with it rather than being separate from it. Crown chakra is considered to be the gateway to “higher self” as well as a connection to spirituality.

Generally, these are the seven chakras available and it really helps to know where they are located and how they may benefit you from meditation to relaxation and the general health benefits.

Health Value of Everyday Meditation

meditation for anxiety

Today, meditation is increasingly becoming more popular as more and more people discover the wide range of health benefits it has. Although meditation has been there for centuries, most people had no idea about its importance until recently when scientific studies showed a strong link between daily meditation and its health benefit.

In this fast-paced world, people often get overwhelmed by feelings and thoughts and end up developing stress and anxiety which deteriorates the health of an individual. Health experts across the world concur that practicing meditation on a daily basis can help make a difference in your health condition. Here are the health values of everyday meditation that will help improve your health condition:guided meditation

Meditation Reduces Stress

Though many people may not know this, stress is harmful to your health and can result to mental complication. Stress reduction is thus important and meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Meditation often engages the mind resulting to calmness of the mind, hence reducing the stress levels in the body.

Meditation Maintains a Healthy Heart

Studies by health experts has shown that daily meditation improves blood circulation and lowers the heart rate too. However, studies by psychosomatic medicine, showed that frequent meditation lowers the amount of lip peroxide that hardens the arteries causing atherosclerosis, a health disorder that affects the heart due to narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to the heart.

Meditation Enhances the Immune System

The immune system is a vital component of the body that protects the body against foreign invasion and fighting diseases. According to a study carried out in Ohio State University, daily meditation leads to muscular relaxation which can reduced the risk of breast cancer recurrence. According to the study, daily meditation for a month boosted the natural killer cells among the aged people, giving them a greater resistance viruses and tumours.

Emotional Balance

Emotional balance means to be free from all the negative behaviors that result from the existence of a tortured and traumatized mind. It is very hard to achieve this state, but meditation is the only way to cure such unhealthy emotional state. As you meditate, your mind is cleansed of the soaked negative emotional memories, giving you a great freedom bound as well as a great balance.buddhist meditation

Meditation Lowers Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a common condition among the world’s population and has over a time claimed a lot of lives. However, studies have shown that daily meditation lowers the blood pressure by making the body to be less responsive to stress hormones that cause high blood pressure.

Meditation is an essential practice especially if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you have not been meditating, then the above health benefits of meditation should give you a reason to start meditating as soon as possible.