Health Value of Everyday Meditation

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Today, meditation is increasingly becoming more popular as more and more people discover the wide range of health benefits it has. Although meditation has been there for centuries, most people had no idea about its importance until recently when scientific studies showed a strong link between daily meditation and its health benefit.

In this fast-paced world, people often get overwhelmed by feelings and thoughts and end up developing stress and anxiety which deteriorates the health of an individual. Health experts across the world concur that practicing meditation on a daily basis can help make a difference in your health condition. Here are the health values of everyday meditation that will help improve your health condition:guided meditation

Meditation Reduces Stress

Though many people may not know this, stress is harmful to your health and can result to mental complication. Stress reduction is thus important and meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Meditation often engages the mind resulting to calmness of the mind, hence reducing the stress levels in the body.

Meditation Maintains a Healthy Heart

Studies by health experts has shown that daily meditation improves blood circulation and lowers the heart rate too. However, studies by psychosomatic medicine, showed that frequent meditation lowers the amount of lip peroxide that hardens the arteries causing atherosclerosis, a health disorder that affects the heart due to narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to the heart.

Meditation Enhances the Immune System

The immune system is a vital component of the body that protects the body against foreign invasion and fighting diseases. According to a study carried out in Ohio State University, daily meditation leads to muscular relaxation which can reduced the risk of breast cancer recurrence. According to the study, daily meditation for a month boosted the natural killer cells among the aged people, giving them a greater resistance viruses and tumours.

Emotional Balance

Emotional balance means to be free from all the negative behaviors that result from the existence of a tortured and traumatized mind. It is very hard to achieve this state, but meditation is the only way to cure such unhealthy emotional state. As you meditate, your mind is cleansed of the soaked negative emotional memories, giving you a great freedom bound as well as a great balance.buddhist meditation

Meditation Lowers Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a common condition among the world’s population and has over a time claimed a lot of lives. However, studies have shown that daily meditation lowers the blood pressure by making the body to be less responsive to stress hormones that cause high blood pressure.

Meditation is an essential practice especially if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you have not been meditating, then the above health benefits of meditation should give you a reason to start meditating as soon as possible.

Traditional Chinese Medicine VS Western Medicine

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) developed thousands of years ago.  It is known as a holistic therapy to strengthen the body.  Holistic therapy examines the whole of a person.  It is believed that Chinese medicine views the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual aspects of the human body are all interdependent.

It is rooted in the theory of balance between Yin and Yang that make up the energy Qi.  Illness occurs when there are hindrances to the flow of Qi, when there is too much, or too less Qi or when Yin and Yang are not balanced.

A traditional practitioner may differently treat two persons having the same illness due to different Yin and Yang imbalance.  It is also possible that same treatment method may be used for different illness if the Yin and Yang have the same imbalance.

Different therapies for TCM may include the following: Acupuncture, Reiki, Cupping Therapy, Herbal medicine, Yoga or massage and Nutrition.  It is most suitable for preventing illness that may be detected by Western Medicine only when the patient undergoes diagnosis.

While TCM is a holistic approach, Western medicine uses evidence-based treatment.  It entails knowledge about microbiology, pathology, physiology and pharmacology in order for the practitioner, called a medical doctor or healthcare professional, to prescribe treatment for a certain illness.  Pharmaceutical aids may be given to address illness.

In addition, the practitioner may require physical examination and other diagnostic tools to diagnose cause and progression of illness.  A healthcare practitioner can treat patients with the same illness in the same way.

The question on which is more effective between Traditional Chinese Medicine vs Western Medicine practice will have their own advantages and disadvantages that anybody should understand.  There is no right or wrong treatment between the two; it is what makes the ill person get well easier, faster and more comfortable.

There are actually ways where both work well or complement each other.  TCM is capable of determining side effects of medications caused by western medicine, and it can relieve them so the body comes back to balance.

Another instance where they complement is when TCM heals hay fever completely thru acupuncture while the patient is taking medication.  In fact, he may not take any medication at all.

Breast cancer patients undergoing treatment also can have both medical treatments.  TCM complement by relieving the patient from the side effects of the cancer therapy thru acupuncture.

Lastly, both treatments can work together for couples with infertility problems.  Thru balance and rest, couples’ tend improve their body improved health, giving them benefits and success in having a child.

Despite of the different theories and philosophical beliefs, it is better to look at both treatments mutually beneficial.  Each treatment can benefit patients individually or both work together for a healthy whole being.

Guide on How to Heal Broken Heart with Reiki Treatment

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It feels so good to be in love. Everything seems to light and shiny, and it felt like nothing could go wrong. Being with the person you love makes you feel like you’re in the seventh heaven all the time.

But like the saying, “nothing is forever” most relationships don’t last. Sometimes it’s our choice, sometimes it came on unexpectedly. And it will hurt, it always does.

The memories of the person you love, every happy moment together. The laughs you share, the cries, those awkward jokes you didn’t get, that ice cream joint you only went to just once, and even the small petty fights. All of this will haunt you.

And it’s not wrong; you are grieving the loss of a loved one. Depression, low mood and motivation, loss of appetite, anxiety, stress and in some extreme condition, it can cause insomnia and skin problems.

Here is a guide on how to heal broken hearts with reiki.

reiki emotional healing reiki for healing relationships instantly

  1. Visualize

Prepare a room beautiful room in your mind, connect that with the symbol Hon Sha Ze sho Nen (Distance Healing symbol). In that room, imagine sitting down with the one you broke up with. Talk to him/her; tell him every unsaid thing you bottled up in the span of that relationship. This might trigger memories of that person – moments were you were the happiest together and the bitter ones, even that moment when you broke up, everything. For the last time, relive it with him/her. Cry, laugh and release every bottled-up emotion. And lastly address every mistake you made in that relationship.

  1. Sei he ki

Sei he ki is the mental/emotional healing symbol. Release a huge amount of this energy through your mind and intend the best possible way to heal this relationship possible. The greatest good for both you and that person you love.

  1. Forgive

Forgive yourself. Forgive him/her. For everything you both had done and thank that person for teaching you how to love, thank him/her for the time, sacrifices and for caring. This is a confirmation that you are ready to move on with your life. An affirmation that you are releasing yourself from the pains of your past. Then walk out of that room.  reiki seattle

  1. Pray

This might sound cliché, but it works. Call on your god(any higher power that you belive in)  and ask to negative cut the cords that connect you to that loved one. Move your hands slowly over your body while doing so. This cord cutting will remove negative blockages on your ki and cleanses the mind, body and soul.

  1. Close

This is the final step. Use the reiki power symbol and close the door behind you.  This will boost your inner strength, and will help you move on with your life in a positive way.

This is practice might leave you tired and drained, as it will use a lot of emotional energy, so it is ideal to do so when you are lying down, and/or before sleeping.




Reducing Pain with Reiki Energy Healing

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Reiki is among the most commonly known and possibly the best-loved types of energy healing work. This ancient Japanese technique is so simple that it seems almost too good to be true.

By just laying hands on certain parts of your body or just placing hands on your body, a professional Reiki practitioner will help you reduce chronic pain and make you feel better even for the coming years.

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Can Reiki Relieve Pain?

In alternative medicine, Reiki is a therapy through which healing energy is transferred from the practitioner or healthcare provider to the patient to enhance energy and minimize stress, pain, and exhaustion.

Professionals say that it functions by opening up a direct channel between the healer and patient to transfer energy. A Reiki practitioner is, therefore, able recover the entire body both physically and mentally.

During the session, the healer places his or her hands in various positions on the head, the back and the front body. Practitioners can as well put the hands on the site of pain or injury.reiki practitioner

During the session, the healer places his or her hands in various positions on the head, the back and the front body.

Practitioners can as well place the hands on the site of pain or injury, during which the muscles are calmed, and the flow of energy is unblocked.

This aids minimize physical strain and pain. Panic and stress are also reduced, assisting in unblocking and relieving emotional distress. Though it may not be possible to be completely pain-free, you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and better suited to deal with your condition.

Finding a Reiki Practitioner

If you’re interested in locating a professional Reiki practitioner for this natural medicine, you can start searching at Web sites such as   The International Center for Reiki Training and Reiki Masters.

Though there are no set standards for Reiki practice, the essential factor to consider is the level of experience and training.

Does it also help muscle and fitness gains?

This depend on the expertise and knowledge adaptation of the practitioner engaged. Today, some modern bodybuilding and weightlifters and even athletes are employing Reiki to not only advance their mental capacity but overall fitness and lean muscle growth.

In sports and physical activities games, where mental focus is as important as working out and intense exercises, then adding Reiki massaging do goes a long way. In the same way, taking naturally formulation like the super mass stack combo sports and muscle building supplements could be the game changer you desired.

How To Create A Reiki Manifestation Triangle For Substantiating Your Destiny

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Manifestation has been a hot subject for a very long time. Using your strength, concentration and goals to help make the very best outcome in our lives is not something new. But how does Reiki manifestation fit into this?

Reiki energy bears the essence and vibration of affection. Love is the single most energy that is genuine. Anything else is a false impression. When directing Reiki energy towards a future vision, the vibrant quality of Reiki helps attract circumstances, individuals, and possibilities to us that also possess the same vibration.

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The same way we let go of the outcome when providing a Reiki healing, in manifestation, we must do the exactly same. Possessing and becoming committed to your vision in a desperate, or demanding way implies that you are operating at a higher level fear. Fear is a distinct vibration than love and will generate more conditions where your worries are ignited. This may be a learning chance to remodel yourself as the world continually showcases our primary philosophy.


Creating a Reiki Manifestation Triangle

Here is a step by step procedure on how you can construct a Reiki manifestation triangle that will help you substantiate your destiny

  • Prepare a room and yourself by saying a word of prayer or just using symbols.
  • Draw a triangle on a large sheet of paper. You can also encircle the triangle if you like.
  • Write your name beside the left point of the triangle
  • Write your goal or appropriate intention in a brief sentence on the right end of the triangle. For example, to own and drive my own car or to buy and live in my own house. reiki distance healing symbol
  • Write the outcome of your goal or intention on the top point of the triangle. The results of your goal should be detailed and very specific. The outcome needs to be very specific and detailed. For instance, a three-story house, in London, with four bedrooms, white colored wall to wall floor covering, fine basement, newly decorated in eco-friendly pastel where I spend each evening relaxing with a cup of coffee. You are now getting the idea. Right?
  • Right at the center of the triangle, write – I am now manifesting this or write something that best fits your needs.
  • Review each corner of the triangle every day starting from your name, then to the goals and finally the outcome. You can draw Reiki symbols over it and read it loudly to send energy over the words with as much feelings and focus as you can.
  • End the session by reading the words in the middle of the triangle and just like the beginning, pray, give thanks and let it go.


Healing Bone With Reiki

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The energy balance in each and every person gets changed constantly and sometimes can even seem too hard to maintain it. When our life energy starts going low, this is when diseases start to develop, stress goes up, the immune system does not function at its best and it is an overall disharmony of our organism. Reiki is a Japanese technique that brings the energy back to a perfect balance in order to allow the body to heal itself.

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Heal you bones with Reiki

Even though Reiki is very powerful and it has been proven many times that it actually makes a process of recovery much faster, it is still necessary to go to the doctors if you break a bone. It needs to be set first in the right position and then the healing energy will certainly be welcome and make the whole recovery much faster and easier.

The positive energy Reiki Master sends to the person cannot be stopped if the person is too skeptical, but it is certainly much easier when there is no fear and the person receives the energy with the belief that it will help. Healing energy speeds up the process of recovering and going back to the natural state of the organism, capable of restoring the health of the whole body.


reiki healing therapyGive your body a chance to heal

The vibrations can lower the tension in a person, decrease all the stress and bring a person into the balance necessary for a body to start healing. There are lots of positive experiences that prove that many people healed various conditions with Reiki and this is certainly one of the conditions where it can help a lot.

There are also experiences of people who cured cists and even cancer. This is not so strange if you think about it since cancer is nothing else but chronicle disbalance of energy when the person cannot bring it back on his own.

Reiki is a wonderful opportunity for every person to go back to a natural state of wellbeing, positive state of mind, a completely functional immune system which gives one complete state of health in every sense.

When the body is free from the negative influences of stress and negative emotions, there is nothing on its way so it can perform what it is perfectly capable of doing – heal on its own.