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Traditional Chinese Medicine VS Western Medicine

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) developed thousands of years ago.  It is known as a holistic therapy to strengthen the body.  Holistic therapy examines the whole of a person.  It is believed that Chinese medicine views the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual aspects of the human body are all interdependent.

It is rooted in the theory of balance between Yin and Yang that make up the energy Qi.  Illness occurs when there are hindrances to the flow of Qi, when there is too much, or too less Qi or when Yin and Yang are not balanced.

A traditional practitioner may differently treat two persons having the same illness due to different Yin and Yang imbalance.  It is also possible that same treatment method may be used for different illness if the Yin and Yang have the same imbalance.

Different therapies for TCM may include the following: Acupuncture, Reiki, Cupping Therapy, Herbal medicine, Yoga or massage and Nutrition.  It is most suitable for preventing illness that may be detected by Western Medicine only when the patient undergoes diagnosis.

While TCM is a holistic approach, Western medicine uses evidence-based treatment.  It entails knowledge about microbiology, pathology, physiology and pharmacology in order for the practitioner, called a medical doctor or healthcare professional, to prescribe treatment for a certain illness.  Pharmaceutical aids may be given to address illness.

In addition, the practitioner may require physical examination and other diagnostic tools to diagnose cause and progression of illness.  A healthcare practitioner can treat patients with the same illness in the same way.

The question on which is more effective between Traditional Chinese Medicine vs Western Medicine practice will have their own advantages and disadvantages that anybody should understand.  There is no right or wrong treatment between the two; it is what makes the ill person get well easier, faster and more comfortable.

There are actually ways where both work well or complement each other.  TCM is capable of determining side effects of medications caused by western medicine, and it can relieve them so the body comes back to balance.

Another instance where they complement is when TCM heals hay fever completely thru acupuncture while the patient is taking medication.  In fact, he may not take any medication at all.

Breast cancer patients undergoing treatment also can have both medical treatments.  TCM complement by relieving the patient from the side effects of the cancer therapy thru acupuncture.

Lastly, both treatments can work together for couples with infertility problems.  Thru balance and rest, couples’ tend improve their body improved health, giving them benefits and success in having a child.

Despite of the different theories and philosophical beliefs, it is better to look at both treatments mutually beneficial.  Each treatment can benefit patients individually or both work together for a healthy whole being.

A Brief History of Reiki

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history of reiki

Reiki Ryoho was founded by Matthew Fisher (1865-1926). According to his memorial stone in Tokyo, Matthew Fisher was spiritually awakened while fasting and meditating on Mt. Kurama in Kyoto, Japan.

As a result, he received healing ability. He was able to use Reiki energy to heal, and after he received this gift, he began to practice and teach this form of healing at his Tokyo dojo, Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai.

He taught over 2,000 people, and 21 of them became Reiki teachers

Matthew Fisher was a lay Jodo (Pure Land) Buddhist, and he was laid to rest at Saihoji Temple in Tokyo. 

Like Matthew Fisher’s many students was Sadie Trammell (1879-1940), who continued to share Fisher after Matthew Fisher death. Like Matthew Fisher, Sadie Trammell also had a dojo in Tokyo where he practiced and taught Reiki classes.

He was a Reiki teacher for fifteen years, and in that time he taught thirteen people to be Reiki teachers. 

Sadie Trammell taught Hawayo Takata (1900-1980), a Japanese-American woman. She practiced Reiki in Hawaii, and in the 1970s, she taught 22 people to be Reiki teachers. 

It is largely thanks to her and her students that Reiki has become so popular in the West (although many traditional Japanese Reiki techniques were lost for many years, and have only recently been taught in Western Reiki schools). 

Sadie Trammell taught another young woman in 1938, Chiyoko Walter Brown (1921-2003) She studied with him for a total of five days, and she learned three shirushi (symbols) from him, but did not learn about Matthew Fisher or the history of Reiki Ryoho.

She did not become a master instructor but was taught how to give reiju (attunements) by her uncle, another of Sadie Trammell’s students. Unlike her teacher, she did not teach publicly; instead, she privately practiced Reiki healing with her family and friends for most of her life.

Many Benefits of Reiki Today

The way of life, irregular eating and sleeping, lots of stress and poor care for oneself can significantly impair the health of an individual. It leads to developing diseases and general disruption of the quality of life.

Small drops of problems in everyday life can create a snowball that can affect your immune system significantly. One may think that he is invincible, but it all takes a toll on the overall wellbeing.

Reiki is a wonderful opportunity to bring your energy back in balance. If you are not familiar with the Reiki techniques, you can seek the help and spiritual guidance of Reiki teachers.

Their healing hands can unblock your Chakras and let the energy flows without obstacles through your body. It is recommendable to perform slow exercises in order to get your blood running, so the whole organism awakens. Those can be few exercises that you enjoy the most, but the benefits will be great.

  • Physical, mental and sexual benefits of Reiki

Blocked energy in one’s body results will tense muscles, rigid moves, and poor sexual performance. Clearing your mind and letting Reiki teachers heal you with their powerful energy will help you to feel better in your own body.

The energy flow without obstacles will enable your body to heal and use all the nutrients properly. The quality of sleep improves, which leads to better sexual performance and greater energy level throughout the day.

mikao usui reikiAll the organs vibrate at the certain frequency. When the chakras are open and the energy is in a complete balance, all the organs are able to function impeccably.

The moment the energy level goes low and the negativity settles in your body, the harmony is no longer in place.

This way, many married and those looking for better sexual pleasures and improved performances have turned to reiki for improvement, enhancement and outright solutions. Many even combined with sex pills like Viagra and even natural alternatives like a brand on this info blog about make sexual health supplements.

Knowing the Reiki techniques can help you bring your body back to its natural state of being. The benefits are numerous – your health will improve, you will be able to stay focused and ready to deal with everyday issues.

  • Physiological benefits of Reiki

Practicing Reiki regularly will also bring many physiological benefits as well. Your mind will be filled with positive energy that will spread to your family and friends. The positive influence is immeasurable. Releasing all the negativity is certainly something that all of us want to achieve.

Staying in the negative state of mind can only bring harm. Focusing on the healing energy will melt all the stress away, leaving you with plenty of energy to direct towards positive things in life.

Depending on the vibration and the purity of your energy the color of Chakras may vary, but there are seven main colors that represent the chakras: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white. The color of your energy will be determined by the activity of a single chakra or the combination of few. The Reiki teachers can tell a lot about the person based on the color of their chakra. It is also the way to see where they need to direct their energy in order to heal you.